Needle multi aponeurotomy

Multi aponeurotomy consists in the treatment of an entire hand in one session of five to 15 needle aponeutomies. Recently, J. Beaudreuil and Coll have reported results at 18 months follow-up of a series of 42 patients with sever and complex forms (55 hands, 157 digits) who benefited from an average of 8+/‑3 aponeurotomy in one session24. Results in term of degree of contracture reduction, disability measure by visual analogic scale, and patient satisfaction were comparable to classic aponeurotomy, with a minor adverse effects rate of 2%. The progresses were maintained after 18 months, with a satisfaction score of 80%. Social and economic costs are still attractively low: no surgery room, no sick-leave (with the exception of dirty work), no post-operative care25.